Seafront Simulations releases Vessels The Canary Islands for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Seafront Simulations continues to expand its Vessels series for MSFS, which aims to bring some life to select coastal areas around the world by adding realistic boats and ships of all kinds to the scenery. The latest release, just fresh off the oven this weekend, is dedicated to the Spanish Canary Islands, located off the coast of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Canary Islands are busy with all kinds of activities throughout the year. As a bustling tourist destination in the summer and a busy fishing industry all year round, the Canary Islands have a rich nautical history which is crucial for the transport of goods between the islands, the continent, and the offshore industrial facilities nearby.

Vessels Canary Islands MSFS 6

Vessels Canary Islands MSFS 5

Vessels Canary Islands MSFS 4

Vessels Canary Islands MSFS 2

Vessels Canary Islands MSFS 1

This makes for a great location to be upgraded by Seafront Simulations in MSFS, much like they did in Hawaii and the Balearic Islands, among others. Many ferries travel between the islands on a regular basis, but there are also plenty of cruise ships, drilling ships, and small private boats. Many of these have landable helipads that simmers can use when flying by helicopter in the area!

One particularly cool feature of Vessels The Canary Islands is the inclusion of a moving oil rig that is being towed to the coast! This massive and detailed floating scenery features a helipad that is perfect for the most adventurous heli pilots to attempt to land on.

Besides this unique new feature, Vessels the Canary Islands adds the usual highly-detailed and animated models of boats and ships of various kinds, which have become a core feature of Seafront Simulations’ products. Naturally, these include region-specific ships that belong to this area, such as the accurate ferry boats that operate in the Canary Islands.

Vessels The Canary Islands is now available through Contrail, priced at around €15.

Main Features:

  • PBR models
  • Night lighting
  • Animated vessels
  • Wake and smoke VFX
  • Several moving, landable ships!

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