BlueMesh announces the Leduc RL.21 for MSFS, a French airplane from the 1950s

Earlier today we revealed to you the development of a new French airplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Socata TB 30 Epsilon, from AzurPoly. Now, we’re bringing you the news of another French aircraft, the René Leduc RL.21, which is currently being worked on by BlueMesh.

BlueMesh may be a familiar name to MSFS simmers, with a couple of interesting projects already available for some time, such as the Caudron C.430 Rafale, or the uncanny Flying Inflatable Boat. Now, the developer revealed the upcoming plans for new airplanes in MSFS, which have the Leduc RL.21 as the nearest release. Sadly, the Era Eclipse autogyro has been canceled, but the Leduc RL.21 may prove to be an interesting, albeit quite different proposition.

The Leduc RL.21 was a single-engine light aircraft, designed and built in the 1950s by René Leduc to be a fast but modestly powered airplane. It managed to settle some records in its class, but ended up being more like an experimental plane than anything else. Only one unit was built.

BlueMesh is now bringing this airplane for MSFS, looking to recreate this historical airplane for simulator pilots to enjoy. We should get more details in the next few weeks. Until then, check the developer’s Caudron Rafale, which is another interesting vintage airplane from France.