PMDG 737-700 for PC released on MSFS Marketplace

PMDG’s 737-700 for PC has been officially released on the MSFS marketplace, available for $69.99, in line with its price on the PMDG online store.

The -700 was the first aircraft in PMDG’s 737 product line to be released for MSFS, and is a comprehensive representation of the real aircraft.

Back in November, Robert Randazzo took to the PMDG forums to confirm that the 737 line had been submitted to the marketplace, following a brief delay as a result of what he described as “SU11 beta/SDK process” instability.

While the 737-700 is the first variant to have become available via the marketplace, it’s anticipated both the -600 and -800 will follow shortly.

PMDG 737 700 MSFS Marketplace 5

While little has been said yet around the differences between the marketplace version of the aircraft, and the version available via PMDG’s website, a member of the development team has confirmed that PMDG’s custom mouse operation, explained here, is not available in the marketplace version.

Elsewhere in the PMDG lineup, the 737-900 and -900ER continue to undergo beta testing, with a release date described as “soon” by Robert Randazzo. Meanwhile, the long-awaited “Universal Flight Tablet“, set to bring Navigraph and Simbrief functionality to the aircraft, is set to have its initial release in “close proximity” to the -900. PMDG has previously said that the UFT will also be “day-one compatible” with the planned 737 MAX, 777, and 747 that are currently being worked on.

PMDG 737 700 MSFS Marketplace 2


With this release only available for PC, the wait for the PMDG 737 on Xbox continues. While this news is undoubtedly a positive step forward in the wait, Robert Randazzo cautioned in his November post:

We do not yet have the “all-clear!” on creating C++/WASM projects for Xbox compatibility. Once we get that, we will update you on those plans. We don’t expect any blockers for Xbox use but there may be some functionality loss in peripheral compatibility such as loss of tablet functions due to the fact that the xbox environment is far more locked-down than PCs. We’ll keep you informed as we learn more on this topic, probably after release of SU12?

Asobo has recently confirmed that Xbox WASM compatibility was on track for Sim Update 12, due in March.

The 737’s arrival on the marketplace also represents PMDG’s assessment that the product has reached a base level of maturity and stability; back in October, Robert Randazzo said the team was “sitting on our hands with respect to marketplace – due mostly to our desire to have the 737 “done and tidy” before handing it off to what is effectively the worlds largest market for simulation products.”