Virtualcol releases the Embraer 190/195 Series for MSFS

Virtualcol has surprised us today with the release of a new airliner model for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Embraer 190/195 Series. This popular regional airliner, known for its high efficiency and comfort on shorter, low-demand routes, is a logical step for Virtualcol, after the release of the shorter 170/175 models back in June 2021.

Experienced simmers looking for a highly detailed airplane may have to look elsewhere, though. Previous Virtualcol releases have been aimed squarely at the “beginner” market in MSFS, with some loose features mashed together. For example, at launch, the 170/175 included the A320 FMS, the CJ4’s PFD, and Embraer’s EICAS… Sadly, Virtualcol doesn’t provide a detailed feature list at this point, regarding these new longer Embraers, so we’re not quite sure if things will be different this time.

What Virtualcol does give us is a long list of liveries, representing most, if not all, of the current operators around the world. They also say that “original sounds” are included in the package.

Embraer 190 195 MSFS 4

Embraer 190 195 MSFS 3

Embraer 190 195 MSFS 2

Embraer 190 195 MSFS 6

Embraer 190 195 MSFS 5

The Embraer 190/195 are effectively longer stretches of the 170/175 models, featuring larger wings and horizontal stabilizer, and a new engine. The E190 has been especially popular, with 568 orders as of December 2021. JetBlue is the biggest current operator, with 60 units.

The Virtualcol Embraer 190/195 is now available in the MSFS Marketplace, for both PC and Xbox, priced at $16.49. It’s likely to soon become available in third-party stores as well.

If pricing and developer history are any indication, then clearly we’re looking at a product that will not bring much joy to more demanding simmers. However, there are always the most casual flyers who just enjoy the model of a particular airplane, looking for a quick flight between A and B with no special thoughts about operational realism. Everyone else should probably just wait for the PMDG 737, Just Flight 146, or Fenix A320, currently the most promising airliners in the pipeline for MSFS.

For a promising alternative, learn more about Ouroboros’ efforts to bring the E-Jets family to MSFS. We hope to bring you more details about this project soon!