ATSimulations releases Focke-Wulf (Piaggio) P.149D for MSFS

ATSimulations has released today their Focke-Wulf (Piaggio) P.149D for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. After an official announcement of the development in early October, the developer is now bringing this light aircraft to MSFS, after a previous release for FSX and P3D, which was very well received.

The Piaggio from ATSimulations features a high quality external and interior model, with sounds recorded from a real airplane. There’s also 9 very good looking liveries included in the package.

ATSimulations also released a showcase video where you can see it in action in all its glory:

There’s also a very handy user manual that will surely be a good starting point in knowing all there is to know about this aircraft and how to operate it. You can download it here.

This is the second aircraft from the developer to be released for MSFS, after the Cri-Cri just a few weeks ago.

The Piaggio P.149 is now available from ATSimulations store for $24.89.