The Virtualcol Embraer 170/175 Series is now available for MSFS

Virtualcol has released today its Embraer 170/175 Series for Flight Simulator. After some previews over the last couple of months, the developers have now launched their second aircraft for MSFS, after the Beech 99 late last year.

The Embraer E-Jets are a series of narrow-body airliners designed for short and medium routes. The 170 is especially popular in the United States for its capabilities as an economical solution for short and low-demand routes.

Virtualcol is releasing three models of the aircraft: the 170, 175 with standard winglets and the 175 with extended winglets. There will also be a really comprehensive set of liveries, about 30 in total.

Virtualcol clearly and honestly says that this is not a study-level product. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, and sort of a frankenstein assembly that includes the A320 FMS, the CJ4’s PFD and Embraer’s EICAS. So, not realistic at all, and the visual fidelity also seems… lacking, to say the least. We were underwhelmed by Captain Sim’s 777, but this product from Virtualcol is arguably even less impressive.

Still, some people would enjoy to fly an Embraer model in the new Flight Simulator, and this is the only option (for now, Ouroborus is working on a freeware version of the E-Jets too). At around 25€ / $30, it’s not exactly cheap… especially for the apparent very basic quality.

Virtualcol also released a series of tutorial videos, which are now available on Youtube. They may be useful to learn how to use this contraption!

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 5

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 4

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 3

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 2

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 1

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 8

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 7