A first look into Ouroborus’ Embraer E-Jets for MSFS

The range of aircraft currently in development for Flight Simulator keeps growing seemingly every day. Some developers are working on smaller projects, others are showing some very ambitious plans for the future, while independent teams try to be especially generous by working on freeware aircraft (like the Airbus H135 or the A330). Today, we take a first look into the early stages of one of the most interesting of these freeware projects: Ouroborus Jets, and their upcoming Embraer E-Jets for MSFS.

Ouroborus Jets was formed just a couple of months ago, with the goal of recreating Embraer’s E Series Jets for Flight Simulator, namely the E170, E175, E190 and E195 variants. The team intends to first release the E170 variant as a beta test, focusing on this version before embarking on subsequent work on the other airplanes. There was an ambitious expectation for a first release this next July, but the team has since put that date on hold, wanting to achieve a higher level of the detail that such a time constraint would probably compromise.

With many people who have been following the project questioning whether this will be a payware or freeware project, Ouroborus has cleared these doubts by stating that the E170 and E190 will both be released for free. However, the E175 and E195 will require a donation.

The team has been sharing some very consistent progress updates, showing the evolution of the airplane’s interior and exterior. Both seem to be coming to life at a steady pace, with the E170 looking better at each new image shared by the team. They seem to be focused on the overall modelling of the aircraft, with system’s programming coming at a later stage. Ouroborus has stated that while the team isn’t hoping to have a ‘study-level’ airplane, the goal is to have a fairly functional machine, where most of the buttons work as expected.

This is definitely a very interesting project to follow, and we will do our best to keep you up to date with future news from this team. In the meantime, you check their YouTube channel for some videos showcasing the development work, and also the official Discord channel, where the developers issue regular updates and where you can ask some questions directly to the team.