The Boeing 247D for MSFS will save its state across sessions and you’ll need to choose the right oil for it

Wing42 continues to work tirelessly on the very promising Boeing 247D simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s now long overdue, with new features seemingly being introduced as time goes by, but the good news is that Wing42 seems to be nearing the final stages of development as each day goes by.

We’ve seen some extensive teasers and previews of the 247D, from an awesome early look by TheFlyingFabio, to a preview of the historically accurate navigational radio that has been implemented in the package in the last few weeks. Now, we have some additional details about the depth of the simulation that Wing42 is looking to deliver. Make no mistake – if all the promises are kept, this will be one of the most immersive experiences yet for MSFS!

While no “official” development update has been published by Wing42 since early January, Otmar did recently share some new tidbits about his creation in the MSFS forums. Besides now having the radio range navigation now fully integrated into the aircraft, Wing42 has also been busy implementing the in-house “Prop-o-Tronic” physics engine in MSFS. This should enable a much more realistic behavior from the aircraft.

A vital part of any aircraft is the electrical system, which is also being simulated in-depth in the 247D. Expect to see melting-type fuses in the electrical panel, which may blow and cripple critical systems of the airplane – like the landing gear.

Wing42 MSFS save state 7

This same level of depth is also coming to the oil system, which realistically flows through over 60 parts of the airplane, with real-time calculations for several parameters such as temperature, pressure, viscosity, and more. The awesome thing is that you will have to choose the right oil to top the aircraft before each flight, according to the outside temperature. Failure to do so will come with unintended consequences…

One often much-requested feature from simmers, one which we don’t often see, is state-saving between sessions. That is, to turn off the simulator and return later to find the aircraft just as you left it: with the same fuel and oil levels, levers and switches in the same position, and so on. It’s something that goes a long way to make the aircraft feel like it’s yours, and it’s a feature that Wing42 is implementing in the 247D. Hooray!

Wing42 MSFS save state 4

Finally, the 247D is also getting an authentic prop-feathering system, which needs two electrical pumps to bring the oil to the necessary pressure that’s needed to shift the blades. Wing42 says that a lot of time was needed to get this to work as it should, which further proves the developer’s obsession to create a highly authentic product.

So, the Boeing 247D is really looking like a spectacular add-on. And when is it coming out, you ask? Well, we don’t know… we still don’t know. According to the product page, the bulk of the work is now left for the sounds and documentation, so the waiting time may be coming to an end. Finally!