Just Flight listens to community feedback, lowers price of the 146 Professional for MSFS

Just Flight caused a bit of a stir last week when the official pricing for the upcoming BAe 146 Professional for MSFS was revealed. At £59.99/€74.95/$79.99, it was set to be the most expensive airplane to come out for the platform since its inception in August 2020. Thankfully, after listening to valuable community feedback, the British studio decided to rethink that price and provide a more compelling new value. The 146 is now set to be released at £49.99/€59.95/$64.99.

This is a welcome drop in cost that will surely entice new simmers to take the plunge and get this highly detailed airplane. Just Flight was confident that the previous pricing reflected the level of quality the team has put into this project, but they seem to have understood that MSFS simmers also value appealing prices, especially when some other very impressive addons are available at a lower cost.

The 146 Professional is currently estimated to come out later this month, at around the 25th of April.

Besides this update on pricing, this week we also got a couple of new videos that follow the introductory video that was released last week. Just Flight promised to launch a set of detailed videos about the aircraft ahead of the release, so they are fulfilling those promises as we get closer to the launch date.

These two new videos, available on Just Flight’s Youtube channel and viewable below, show the necessary procedures to power on the aircraft and start the engines. As we’ve seen before, the 146 is set to be a demanding airplane that will have you study its systems in depth. It’s also beautifully modeled, textured, and features great sounds!

Enjoy these new videos of the Just Flight 146 for Microsoft Flight Simulator and take note of the new price, which makes this product even more compelling. And don’t forget to stay in touch to get new updates about an exact release date!