Aerosoft finally releases the hugely-detailed Brussels Airport for MSFS

Jo Erlend’s years of dedication to Brussels Airport (EBBR) have finally come to fruition. Belgium’s largest airport, one of the busiest and most important in Europe, has finally been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator, featuring a number of unique features and ultra-realistic details.

Brussels’ location in Central Europe enables easy access from nearly all other major airports in Europe. That’s exactly the main focus of the airport, connecting other European capitals to this geopolitical core of the Old Continent. Businessmen, diplomats, tourists, and even the odd head-of-state, are the kind of people that can be seen in EBBR’s terminal.

Maybe you’ll be able to spot some of these types of passengers in Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels, because the interior modeling and animations are one of the hallmark features of this scenery. The terminal interior has been painstakingly modeled and people roam around the halls as if they have somewhere to go. Often seen as a superfluous feature in flight simulation, but one that surely brings a new level of immersion for simmers looking to know more about each airport.

Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport 1

Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport 2

Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport 3

Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport 4

Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport 5

Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport 6

Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport 7

Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport 8

Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport 9

Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport 10

Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport 11

Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport 12

Aerosoft EBBR Brussels Airport 13

Brussels Airport features three active runways, two parallel (07L/25R & 07R/25L) and one crosswind (01/19). Quite a few options to choose from. As you can imagine, this is a big airport, so a lot of work had to be done to make everything feel authentic. Aerosoft promises just that: huge attention to detail throughout the whole vast scenery, with high-resolution textures, custom taxiway signage and ground markings, dynamic lighting, and much more.

The full feature list, which you can read below, provides a good round-up of what to expect. Also, make sure to watch the official trailer to see some of the most important features highlighted. These included a functioning Apron Warning System, VDGS support, proximity triggers for hangar doors, and more.

Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels is one of the most important airport releases yet for Microsoft Flight Simulator, significantly raising the bar for many other developers who will certainly look into this creation for inspiration. It’s now available for MSFS, priced at around €25.

As a side note, this week has been good for high-quality airports in MSFS. Besides Aerosoft’s release of EBBR, we also had Flightbeam Studios’ stunning re-creation of NZWN Wellington, nearly on the other side of the world. And with the imminent approach of some truly high-level airliners, it seems MSFS simmers will start to make some good use of these impressive sceneries!

EBBR main features:

  • Includes a highly accurate recreation of Brussels Airport (BRU, EBBR)
  • Highly detailed models with high resolution textures
  • Custom jetways with correct variations for each terminal pier
  • Ambient passenger movements inside and around the terminals
  • Large amounts of ground clutter and service equipment at aircraft stands and parkings
  • Custom ambient ramp traffic bringing the apron to life
  • Up to date taxiway, apron and stands layout
  • Custom and accurate taxiway signage
  • Accurate taxiway lighting including custom runway guard lights
  • Approach and runway lights adapted to match real world counterparts
  • Custom aerial image covering the airport boundary and surrounding area
  • Accurate terrain and runway profiles
  • Custom windsocks and other environment dependent animations
  • Realistic night time dynamic lighting
  • Functioning “Apron Warning System”
  • Terminal interior for Pier A, B and connector building
  • Stands support AI traffic that has airline parking codes
  • Proximity triggers for hangar doors (TUI & Lufthansa) and apron gates (N4 and Sabena aerospace)
  • Supports the Aerosoft VDGS module with highly accurate T1 and T2 safedock systems

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