Marwan Gharib’s HJet is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Marwan Gharib’s HJet, the HondaJet-inspired VLJ whose development we’ve followed with extreme curiosity over almost a year, is now finally available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Marwan and FlightFX partnered to distribute this very promising new business jet for MSFS, which can now be yours for just $24.99.

The HJet is a true labor of love from Marwan Gharib, who worked on this project for over three years. Initially a solo endeavor from a talented developer, the HJet quickly garnered the community’s attention after it became clear that we were not looking at a simplified depiction of Honda’s real-world aircraft. The project soon grew in scope and eventually Marwan and FlightFX (who are also working on the Cirrus Vision Jet for MSFS) struck a deal to bring Marwan’s work to fruition with the infrastructure and marketing support of FlightFX.

The end result is likely to be the most anticipated business jet yet for MSFS, a category that is in dire need of some quality new releases. The HJet is a state-of-the-art, award-winning aircraft whose unique design, with two engines mounted above the wings, immediately grabs the viewer’s attention. Besides the unique looks, the HJet features a G3000 avionics system, powered by Working Title’s custom work (not mandatory, but highly recommended), that enables a single pilot to operate the aircraft in comfort and safety.

FlightFX HJet MSFS 16

FlightFX HJet MSFS 17

FlightFX HJet MSFS 18

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 14

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 4

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 1

Marwan customized the HJet’s avionics with plenty of realistic details. The PFD, MFD, and Engine Display have been recreated to match the real-world version, with over 130 unique messages implemented in the Crew Alert System. Besides, the HJet’s extensive automation features have also been recreated, such as the fully automated external lighting system, the icing system that will automatically enable de-icing for the necessary surfaces, or the fuel system that automatically reacts to fuel imbalances.

As you can see, the HJet was made to ease the workload of the pilot so that he can focus on flying the airplane. This should also give you more time to appreciate the beautifully detailed 3D model of the HJet, fully animated and featuring high-resolution PBR textures. Want to take a closer look at the HJet? Watch below the exclusive pre-flight check carried on by our friend TwoToneMurphy, featuring Marwan himself, where he talks in great detail about his beautiful creation.

Very cool, isn’t it?

The launch is happening exclusively through the MSFS Marketplace, where the HJet is available for both PC and Xbox simmers. At $24.99, it’s very reasonably priced for what looks to be a very detailed and authentic airplane. Seeing how there’s still little variety of business jets for Microsoft Flight Simulator, we reckon this will become quite popular!