Hurricane alert! SoFly’s STORM is now making landfall in MSFS

SoFly’s is out with a brand new weather-focused product for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The appropriately-named STORM, initially unveiled just a week ago, is now unleashing some powerful winds and rainstorms in MSFS, offering simmers some extreme flying conditions with historic hurricanes and powerful storms.

STORM aims to bring to MSFS pilots the challenges of tackling some of the most extreme weather conditions in the world. The core focus of this product is the implementation of hurricanes, both historically famous ones, recreated in their exact real-world positions, but also some custom-creations by SoFly.

Besides hurricanes, STORM also adds a number of global weather presets that simmers can use freely on their flights. These are also focused on heavy weather conditions, from powerful storms to dense cloud covers with zero visibility.

STORM also includes a variety of missions in different formats, designed to be educational and exciting. These include 10 Landing Challenges, two slower-paced Discovery Flights, 10 Educational Missions, story-driven missions, and more. You can even choose between the default A320 and the FlyByWire A32NX for the educational airliner flights.

35 of these missions come with fully-voiced sections, either by your co-pilot providing some useful information about a nearby storm or even by a Geography and Natural Hazards Specialist who will teach you more about hurricanes and their impact on the affected regions. SoFly hopes that STORM becomes an entertaining product that simmers can enjoy while also being educational.

STORM is available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at just £9.99 | €11.99 | $12.95 + taxes. Simmers will find it through other retailers such as Aerosoft, and is also coming soon to the Marketplace, where it will become available for both PC and Xbox users.