Remember the HondaJet? It’s finally coming to MSFS as FlightFX secures publishing agreement with the developer

Today, there is some truly exciting news for simmers looking to finally get a high-quality third-party business jet for MSFS. FlightFX has announced that an agreement has been reached with Marwan Gharib, developer of the HondaJet for MSFS, to bring his stunning creation to MSFS under the FlightFX brand.

We have been following the development of this aircraft since nearly a year ago, when Marwan began sharing the first images of the HondaJet. At the time, it was clear that some difficulties were to be expected for the release, knowing that Honda is not very fond of licensing its name and products for virtual use. Because of that, this product will now be known simply as HJet.

In a press release sent to media, FlightFX says that this partnership aligns with the vision of both parties, by allowing the HJet to become available quickly and fitting nicely with FlightFX/Volctech’s other business jet, the Vision Jet.

FlightFX Partner Nick Sdoucos says this is a great opportunity to bring to market a cool product using FlightFX’s existing infrastructure and support: “This really seemed to make sense for everyone involved.  Most importantly for consumers, this means that it reduces the time to market for the aircraft while dramatically increasing access. In essence we will leverage FlightFX’s existing infrastructure and distribution partnerships to support Marwan’s work.  This means cross platform availability, accounting support, marketing support and product support.

FlightFX HJet MSFS 19

FlightFX HJet MSFS 18

FlightFX HJet MSFS 17

FlightFX HJet MSFS 16

FlightFX HJet MSFS 15

FlightFX HJet MSFS 14

FlightFX HJet MSFS 13

FlightFX HJet MSFS 12

FlightFX HJet MSFS 11

FlightFX HJet MSFS 10

FlightFX HJet MSFS 9

Marwan, on the other hand, shows great satisfaction with this agreement, praising the team at FlightFX for their expertise that will enable “exemplary levels of support and communication” to prospecting customers.

Followers of Marwan’s HJet will surely be happy to hear about this news, which finally provides a clear indication that this aircraft is actually coming soon to MSFS and it will have a robust backend support following the release. And when will that happen? Well, Marwan Gharib and FlightFX are expecting to make public a release date for XBOX and PC users within the next week or two.

Pricing for the HJet has also been set: $24.99. Nick Sdoucos says that the team has seen plenty of data that supports this price as an enticing entry point for an aircraft like the HJet, answering to simmers’ desire for “quality modeling, attention to detail and realism without breaking the bank”.

Finally, existing followers of this project on Discord will notice some immediate changes. Looking to make this transition seamless and painless, users will see a new notice pinned to the channel with simple guidance to migrate over the FlightFX’s Discord server, where from now on they will be able to keep up with the development of the HJet and other product in the FlightFX family.

FlightFX HJet MSFS 8

FlightFX HJet MSFS 7

FlightFX HJet MSFS 6

FlightFX HJet MSFS 5

FlightFX HJet MSFS 4

FlightFX HJet MSFS 3

FlightFX HJet MSFS 1

Together with this announcement, FlightFX also released a series of stunning images of the HJet, whetting our appetite for what appears to be the first noteworthy third-party business jet to hit Microsoft Flight Simulator since its launch back in August 2020.

If you’re looking to know even more about this aircraft, make sure to watch this detailed early look from a real-world pilot!