This free Gatwick Airport for MSFS is better than many payware ones

Gatwick Airport (EGKK) is a large international airport in the UK, currently the second busiest, after Heathrow. It’s unique amongst London’s airports for serving three types of traffic: full service, low-cost and charter. A bustling airport full of activity, perfect for those flying the big jets.

In Flight Simulator, this large international hub is not very accurately represented, but thankfully, we have a stunning alternative that is very highly detailed and, best of all, completely free!

We’ve told you about this project by mkvy before, and he’s been making improvements to his creation ever since. That initial version of Gatwick was a nice improvement over the default airport, with custom buildings and models. But there’s also an even more comprehensive version: Gatwick Airport EGKK Ultra Full Edition, a complete overhaul of the airport that adds custom runways, taxiways, aprons, parking spots, and more.

This is, therefore, a full rendition of this massive infrastructure, complete with some very nice animations (the trains and radar, to name a few). It’s full of details, very accurate, and continues to be very actively updated and improved.

Given its size and complexity, this would be an impressive work from any of the known development studios, but coming from a single independent developer, who is not charging a dime for it, makes this version of Gatwick that much more magnificent. A must have if you like large airports!