Land on a better Gatwick Airport (EGKK) in MSFS with this free airport addon

Gatwick Airport is a major international airport in the UK, located south of London, and is currently at the second place for the busiest airport of the islands, just after Heathrow.

While we’ve seen many new airports being released by third party companies, Gatwick still hasn’t had that privilege, but thankfully there’s a great (and free!) alternative that has just been released. Courtesy of mkvy, this free version of the airport uses the default runways, taxiways and jetways, but introduced completely new and handcrafted terminals, piers and stands.

The results is a much more realistic airport, which even includes an accurate ATC tower and animated radar. Unusual for a free airport, and definitely an amazing effort from the developer. There’s actually some surprises… so you better try this package and enjoy a better, and FREE, Gatwick Airport for MSFS.

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