CJ Simulations releases the Eurofighter Typhoon for MSFS

DC Designs and developer CodenameJack have launched their first aircraft for MSFS in a new joint venture called CJ Simulations. The Eurofighter Typhoon is the debut project from this team and is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

The CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon was unveiled just over a month ago and is the continuation of Dean Crawford’s and CodenameJack’s partnership under a different umbrella and with a slightly different philosophy. Contrarily to DC Designs, CJ Simulations has vouched to unveil new airplanes just when they are very near completion and ready to be released. So, don’t expect regular development updates as we get from DC Designs.

Seeing how the Typhoon comes from the same folks who work on DC Designs airplanes, it’s easy to see the similarities between them. Modeling and texturing should be very similar to previous efforts from Dean Crawford, just like coding and systems simulation, which is CodenameJack’s expertise.

CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon MSFS 8

CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon MSFS 7

CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon MSFS 6

CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon MSFS 5

CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon MSFS 4

CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon MSFS 3

CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon MSFS 2

For the Typhoon, CJ Simulations promises a balanced product that should please casual simmers and those looking for quick fun. Don’t expect a “study-level” simulation or anything too complicated. This has been Dean Crawford’s philosophy and continues to be in this new joint venture as well.

In any case, MSFS simmers will find a good variety of liveries for the Eurofighter Typhoon (14 in total), along with a custom-coded MFD, head-up display, a custom flight model based on real-world data, and more.

Those with VR headsets will be happy to know that the Typhoon is compatible with Virtual Reality.

The CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon is now available exclusively through Just Flight, priced at €29.95. Expect a release soon in the Marketplace, where it will also be available for Xbox simmers!

Cockpit features:

  • Truly 3D virtual cockpit featuring accurately modeled ejection seat, controls and detailed texturing
  • Instruments constructed in 3D with smooth animations
  • Custom-coded MFD screens and Head-Up Display to match the real Typhoon’s displays
  • ‘Scratched canopy’ glass effects and reflective glass
  • Crew figure in the virtual cockpit is coded to disappear when you occupy their seat

14 paint schemes

  • 1 Squadron RAF
  • 2 Squadron RAF
  • 6 Squadron RAF
  • 9 Squadron RAF
  • 11 Squadron RAF
  • 29 Squadron RAF
  • 41 Squadron RAF
  • ‘Black Jack’ RAF Display scheme
  • Austrian Air Force
  • Luftwaffe
  • Italian Air Force
  • Royal Saudi Air Force
  • Spanish Air Force ‘Tiger Meet’
  • German Air Force ‘Tiger Meet Ghost’