LatinVFR releases the Airbus A319 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

This week’s Marketplace update brought an interesting new aircraft from LatinVFR. The Airbus A319, announced just a couple of weeks ago, is now out for PC and Xbox, offering simmers the opportunity to fly the compact airliner with a wide range of liveries and cool new sounds!

LatinVFR is continuing the series that started with the A321, which was released in similar terms not too long ago. Both the A321 and now the new A319 feature the default Asobo A320 cockpit and systems. It’s a reliable choice that allows the airplanes to be available for Xbox, but far from being the most detailed and realistic simulation of the Airbus workhorse. A partnership with FlyByWire to feature their customized work in the LatinVFR A319/A321 would be phenomenal… one can hope! Still, it’s the first A319 we’re getting for MSFS and actually comes with a few nifty novelties!

The cockpit and systems may be familiar, but nearly everything else is brand new. There’s a detailed passenger cabin across all the models, including the Corporate Jet version. On the outside, LatinVFR built the A319 fuselage from scratch and offers a wide array of liveries to go along with it. More than 40, actually, and more should be added with future updates.

But it’s not just the fancy new A319 external model that you’re getting in this package. LatinVFR also promises a customized flight model to account for the particular flight characteristics of this shorter variant in the A320 family. Perhaps more impressive, at least based on early user feedback, are the sounds that the developers built into this product, which seem to be a significant step up when compared to the default A320 soundest.

With all that said, LatinVFR is clearly tackling to the casual simmer here (serious fliers will continue to find the Fenix A320 to be in a totally different class), but it’s still an interesting addition to the sim, especially for the Xbox simmers who don’t get the chance to fly as many new airliners as those on PC.

The LatinVFR Airbus A319 is now available for $24.99.

LAtinVFR A319 liveries msfs 1

LAtinVFR A319 liveries msfs 2

LAtinVFR A319 liveries msfs 3

LAtinVFR A319 liveries msfs 4

LAtinVFR A319 liveries msfs 5

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