LatinVFR AREX completely overhauls airport ground vehicles in North America

LatinVFR, who got us used to countless custom airport releases for flight simulation, as released a new kind of add-on for MSFS. AREX: Airport Regional Environment X North America completely replaces the default ground vehicles in the North America region, for a more realistic environment that should better match the specific area you’re in.

The goal here is to provide a more faithfully experience while moving around the thousands of airports and airfields in the US and Canada. You will now find ground service vehicles with the logs that represent the most important handling companies, as well as the catering trucks, and each airport will have those companies that are most usually seen there in the real world.

LatinVFR promises that there’s no performance impact with this new updated vehicles, and it’s also a good thing that no external apps or files are needed, just keep using the default system for calling ground services.

Looking for something to upgrade other regions? Check our previously featured ‘Enhanced Ground Vehicles‘, which is focused on European service vehicles, and is also free!

AREX: Airport Regional Environment X North America is now available for just $9.99.

Main features:

  • Replacement of ground services vehicles with customized and more realistic for the region at ALL airports in North America (Continental US and Canada).
  • Select from 9 Airlines: American, Air Canada, Delta, United, Jetblue, Spirit, Alaska, West Jet and Frontier. (not available on the MS marketplace)
  • Customized sounds of the different engines and animation situations.
  • Different logos for the companies that provide airport services in North America.
  • Realistic catering truck used in the region, with the logos of the most important airport catering companies.
  • Customized push back truck depicting regional companies.
  • Customized and regional types of vehicle traffic, that make the airport environment more realistic and according to vehicles used in the region.
  • Uses the default system of calling ground services, no external apps or files needed.
  • No negative impact on performance.