Azurpoly’s C-160 Transall is taking shape in MSFS

Azurpoly announced its new project for MSFS just a few weeks ago, a successor to the rather excellent TB-30 Epsilon. The C-160 Transall is now well into development and a significantly larger undertaking for the team, especially in the cockpit, which is much larger and more complex.

Following the initial announcement and the couple of first images shared in early September, Azurpoly showed up a few days ago with a short but sweet update. Work continues on the C-160, with interior modeling now appearing to be a major focus for the developer.

To illustrate the extensive work needed to properly model the C-160’s interior, Azurpoly shared some 3D renders of the flight deck, featuring a myriad of instrument placeholders, buttons, switches, and more.

Azurpoly C 160 Transall MSFS previews 5

Azurpoly C 160 Transall MSFS previews 4

Azurpoly C 160 Transall MSFS previews 3

Azurpoly C 160 Transall MSFS previews 2

It’s looking very good indeed, even without any texturing applied. Given the developer’s work with the TB-30 and the Fouga Magister, this shouldn’t be an area to worry about: the C-160 is bound to look excellent both inside and out. Azurpoly promises to “continue raising the bar on the 3D and textures quality“.

Azurpoly has always shown great interest in on-site investigation of real-world aircraft models, with the goal of making their virtual renditions as accurate and realistic as possible. This process continues with the C-160, as the developers revealed that they were able to visit a retired aircraft on display in the Musée Européen de l’Aviation de Chasse, a museum in France that preserves many famous civilian and military aircraft.

Transall C 160 MSFS 1
The C-160 certainly looks unique amidst the current MSFS aircraft offerings.

There isn’t much else to share at this moment, as development continues in a still somewhat early stage of the project. It’s very unlikely that this new airplane will be available before the end of the year, even with Azurpoly’s speedy development times. A safer bet will be to expect a release in the early weeks/months of 2023.

As always, we’ll be back with further news once they become available from the developer. For now, enjoy these last WIP images above, which promise a very high-quality cockpit in the upcoming Azurpoly C-160 Transall for MSFS!