Looking to learn more about older airplanes with steam gauges? Tom Carroll’s new ebook has you covered!

It’s been a while since we got a new book from author Tom Carroll, who has covered several flight simulation subjects in recent years. His latest book, MSFS Next Level: Old School, is available now with the promise of helping simmers understand how the instrumentation in older airplanes works and how to make the best of all the analog gauges available in those planes.

MSFS Next Level: Old School covers plenty of different subjects related to the steam gauges commonly found on GA aircraft. From communications and navigation equipment to understanding the famous “six pack” right in front of the pilot, Tom Carroll provides clear explanations with plenty of flight examples and detailed graphics.

tom carroll ebook old school msfs
One of the many illustrated sections of the book.

Readers will find more than 200 detailed images and illustrations that serve to illustrate the author’s teachings. These cover all the themes included in the book, including the KAP 140 autopilot, the GNS 530/430 GPS unit, and the always compelling mechanics of VOR and NDB navigation.

As with his previous ebooks (check, for example, the ones dedicated to flying missed approaches or navigation and flight planning), Tom Carroll approaches the themes in this new ebook in a conversational manner, with easy-to-read language and structured content. He is pretty honest in admitting that all of this information is available online through many different sources, but he hopes the book organizes all the information in a way that facilitates simmer’s learning and enjoyment of both the book and the simulator.

MSFS Next Level: Old School is now available for just $9. It’s currently available through the author’s website and should soon be available in other stores such as JustFlight.com and Flightsim.com.