Carenado teases PA34T Seneca V for Flight Simulator

Carenado has previewed today what seems to be their next aircraft release for MSFS. After the CT182T, Mooney, Seminole, Waco and Arrow III, the Seneca will be the sixth aircraft from the studio, and the second twin-engine.

Carenado is developing the variant V of the Seneca, which has been the current production model since 1996. The Piper PA-34 Seneca is a light twin-engine airplane that is mostly used for personal and business flights. The Seneca is known for its high service ceiling, at 25.000 ft.

There aren’t many details about this release at this point. Carenado released some very beautiful images of their Seneca that show the studio’s typical high-quality graphical fidelity. It’s obviously still unclear how in-depth the aircraft will be simulated, and how much it differentiates from the existing Carenado airplanes, an area where Carenado has been criticized.

While there was no release date announced with these first teaser images, recent history tells us that it’s just a matter of weeks for Carenado to release the airplane to the public, so stay tuned for further updates! We believe a release date is not too far off!