FSDG releases Seychelles scenery and airports for MSFS

FSDG has released a new scenery package for Flight Simulator, this time for the archipelago of Seychelles. After previous releases such as Rhodes Island and Mauritius, the developers have not focused on the famous paradisiac islands, in a product that covers the entire archipelago with completely new aerial imagery and airports.

Seychelles is a world-famous destination, known for its idyllic beaches and resorts. The islands are an increasingly popular tourism destination, with more and more visitors coming to see and enjoy the place every year.

The main international gateway into the islands is Seychelles International Airport (FSIA), which is also our starting point in this new product from FSDG. The team has recreated the airport with an accurate representation of the real thing, including detailed buildings and static aircraft.

Praslin Regional Airport (FSPP), located on the second-largest island of Seychelles, has also been custom-designed by FSDG, once again in order to provide a more accurate and realistic experience when flying here. But the airports don’t stop here with this add-on! The developers have actually included 14 additional airstrips scattered around the islands. These are used by Air Seychelles for short hops between the many different islands.

Besides the variety of airports and airfields, FSDG worked extensively across more than 50 individual islands, providing new and more detailed aerial imagery with the goal of improving the otherwise very bland stock scenery. These enhancements also include realistic reefs surrounding the islands, which are necessary for that tropical feel when overflying the area.

Furthermore, FSDG also added some interesting points of interest in the form of beach resorts, vessels, and shipwrecks. With almost 200.000 square miles of overhauled scenery, it looks like there’s a lot to discover here!

FSDG Seychelles is now available for around 30€.

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