Just Flight’s FS Traffic for MSFS gets new preview images

Just Flight announced late last year that its popular AI traffic solution, FS Traffic, would be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator sometime this year. After months of little news in terms of development updates, Just Flight showed up this week with a short but objective statement, saying that development of FS Traffic is progressing well and sharing some fresh new images of a few aircraft models and liveries to be included in the package.

FS Traffic is not the easiest product to share development updates about, as it’s mostly comprised of background coding and the modeling and texturing of hundreds of 3D aircraft. Still, to calm some folks who might have been wondering if this project had been somewhat left behind, one of the developers involved with the project took to the official MSFS forums and said that the team has been busy creating over 700 liveries across 43 aircraft models, many of which were revealed in the last development update back in March.

In the meantime, the team added a few new models, including the iconic Boeing 747-400, the most popular 747 variant. With FS Traffic, it will be flying in the skies as a nicely-detailed AI model!

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 4

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 3

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 1

Addressing some questions that have been raised by the community about FS Traffic, Just Flight also took the opportunity to clear up some things. The key takeaway is that FS Traffic will not replace any live traffic, but will instead include realistic flight plans for both pre and post-pandemic years. It will also come with tools to customize the product to the users’ preferences, including the ability to add their own liveries and 3D models.

Just Flight should soon provide a more comprehensive update about the ongoing development of FS Traffic for MSFS, but this is already enough to maintain us excited about this product. In the meantime, check the beautiful new images shared this week that showcase the impressive quality of these AI airplanes, featuring liveries from Ryanair, Virgin Atlantic, and Air New Zealand, in the Boeing 737, Airbus A330, and ATR 72-600, respectively.