Toolbar Pushback gets an awesome update with pushback pre-planning

Toolbar Pushback is without a doubt a must-have freeware utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It fixes a glaring omission in MSFS, which lacks an efficient and easy-to-use system to pushback from the gate.

After almost a year enjoying great popularity among the community, Toolbar Pushback just got a big and exciting update that adds another very useful feature: pushback pre-planning! With a brand new user interface, you can now see your current position on a map of the airport, and select the exact position and heading that you want to be pushed back to.

With this new system, pilots can plan the pushback route in advance, and then let the ground crew do their work while focusing on other tasks, like going through the checklists and starting the engines. This is done through an intuitive new interface, where you can click on each desired waypoint, select the preferred heading, and then watch the magic happen while following the voice instructions.

MSFS Pushback Toolbar planned update 3

MSFS Pushback Toolbar planned update 1

Naturally, Toolbar Pushback continues to offer the traditional user interface for requesting and directing pushback, as well as support for calling ground services. Furthermore, it works with all aircraft!

This all comes perfectly integrated with MSFS. As the name implies, Toolbar Pushback is available from the MSFS top toolbar, and looks as native as it can get. It’s an impressive work that could easily be mistaken by an actual first-party feature. Speaking of which, why can’t the MSFS replay tool learn a thing or two from this? It certainly could use a more user-friendly UI…

MSFS Pushback Toolbar planned update 4
Pushed back exactly to the desired position, ready to taxi.

With this update, Toolbar Pushback is now at version 1.4.0, and it’s also important as a support version for Sim Update 8. So, if you’re an existing user of this great freeware tool, make sure to grab this new version. Just remember to delete your existing add-on folder in the MSFS Community folder, before putting there the new one.

Toolbar Pushback is available for free through