Here’s the PZL-104 Wilga for MSFS, the next aircraft from Got Friends

When Got Friends revealed their Discus-2c Premium Edition just a couple of weeks ago, they shared a teaser video with the community showcasing some of the cool capabilities of that brand-new glider. If you stuck till the end of the video, you must have noticed a unique airplane towing the glider, which was effectively an awesome teaser for what was to come from Got Friends: the PZL-104 Wilga!

Got Friends might have just released one of the most delightful aircraft yet for MSFS with the Discus-2c Premium, but the team isn’t resting on their laurels and are already well advanced into their next project. It couldn’t be more appropriate than the Wilga, the popular Polish STOL aircraft that was precisely designed with a strong emphasis on glider towing… a feature supported by the Discus-2C Premium in Multiplayer mode!

We got the chance to get an exclusive early look into the ongoing development of the Got Friends Wilga for MSFS. Needless to say, this bird is looking fabulous in the visuals that Got Friends has been able to build up so far, whose first preview images we now share with you, courtesy of the development team.

Got Friends Wilga MSFS 1

Got Friends Wilga MSFS 2

Got Friends Wilga MSFS 3

Got Friends Wilga MSFS 5

Got Friends is looking to create the most detailed PZL-104 Wilga ever seen in a flight simulator to date. The team is building the popular 35A variant, powered by an Ivchenko AI-14 nine-cylinder radial engine, capable of outputting 260hp.

The team knows that MSFS simmers are increasingly demanding not only in terms of visuals but also with the overall sound environment of the aircraft. With that in mind, Got Friends is in the process of recording detailed real-world sounds from an existing operational aircraft, in collaboration with the owner of a Wilga based in EXGM Forwood Farm, in the UK.

As we’re now used to from Got Friends, the Wilga will include a special “twist”, a unique feature implemented by the team in all their payware aircraft. We had the Nitrous Oxide injection system in the Gee Bee R3, the animal companions in the Edgley Optica, and the multiplayer towing in the Discus-2c. There’s something special reserved for the Wilga as well, but we’ll have to wait for further news about that particular feature.

Got Friends tells us that the Wilga is currently aimed for a release this summer, so we should not have to wait long to see this legendary aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Got Friends Wilga MSFS 4

Got Friends Wilga MSFS 6

Got Friends Wilga MSFS 7

Got Friends Wilga MSFS 8

If you’ve been following Got Friends for a while, you may remember that a highly customized Wilga, Mike Patey’s Draco, was announced by the team last year. Unfortunately, that project is currently on hold and has been replaced in the roadmap by the common Wilga 35A we’re seeing now. The Draco may still become a reality if Got Friends manages to get more details about the aircraft in future interactions with Mike Patey.

Finally, a word about the recent release of the Discus-2c Premium Edition, which has been a great success for the team. Got Friends shared with us their gratitude and satisfaction with the launch and hopes that the Wilga receives the same positive feedback and attention from the community.

The Wilga will be the perfect companion for the Discus-2c, enabling friends to tow each other in MSFS, which is just super cool. But it will also be another great STOL aircraft to take on some backcountry bush trips. We can’t wait to see more, so stay tuned for further news about the newest Got Friends project for Microsoft Flight Simulator!