The Got Friends Gee Bee R3 Special has just got a massive update in MSFS

Update, April 16th – It’s out! The massively-improved new version of the Got Friends Gee Bee R3 Special is now available. If you’re new to the aircraft, enjoy a special promotion with 33% Off until April 20th. Read more below about the new and improved Gee Bee from Got Friends!

The Got Friends Gee Bee R3 remains a spectacularly fun aircraft to fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator, following its release back in August 2021. Now, a few months later, the team has issued a rather massive update for the aircraft, which will, coincidentally, get the company of other airplanes in the Gee Bee family, once Asobo/Microsoft release their own re-creations of the Gee Bee R-2 and Model Z later this month.

The Gee Bee R3 is a very fast and fully aerobatic rocket airplane, capable of some truly incredible feats and performance figures. The original Got Friends release was already a source of extreme entertainment, but the team is looking to enhance the package even more, with a series of important fixes but also some great new features.

For starters, the Gee Bee R3 is finally getting a properly-scaled model, which should now be fully VR-compatible. Due to the increased size, the R3 also needed to get an updated flight model, which it’s gaining along with a brand new custom engine, Got Friends’ very own Jimmy Doolittle Turbo 1000HP Water Injected Engine, capable of producing a staggering 1000hp.

Besides the brand new flight dynamics simulation and engine, the Gee Bee R3 is getting a number of additional improvements. For example, pilots will now find a G-Force Light Bar indicator, which replaces the function of the previous G-Force gauge. A new Nitrous Oxide gauge is also taking the spot of the old G-Force gauge.

Got Friends Gee Bee R3 update MSFS 5

Got Friends Gee Bee R3 update MSFS 3

Got Friends Gee Bee R3 update MSFS 2

The Gee Bee R3 came with some cool tricks, such as the smoke effects and the aforementioned NOS system. This new version also improves these aspects, with better-looking effects throughout, dust clouds when flying low, better lights, and so on.

In terms of visuals, the 3D model is also getting significant improvements, with more detailed modeling, better textures, smoother animations, and more.

To round things up, Got Friends also re-wrote the code of the aircraft, looking to improve compatibility for both PC and Xbox and ensuring that future Sim Updates will be less impactful in the Gee Bee R3 experience.

The Gee Bee R3 Special V2 is now available through, and it should arrive soon to other vendors and the MSFS Marketplace as well.

See below the long list of new features in changes, now introduced with version 2.0:

  • New 3D Model with Proper Scale.
  • Fully VR Compatible.
  • Cleaned up 3D Model for Better FPS.
  • Completely New Flight Model.
  • New Custom 1000HP Engine.
  • Max Speed + Boost Over 260 kts.
  • Added Prop Braking.
  • Added New Prop Physics.
  • Increased NOS Capacity to 10 Minutes.
  • High Quality Texture Additions (4K).
  • Added Ingame Checklist.
  • Added G-Meter Lightbar.
  • Moved NOS Gauge.
  • Increased NOS Power.
  • Added NOS Flame Effect.
  • Added NOS Sound Effects.
  • Added Low Flyby Effects.
  • Added Combustion Effects.
  • Added New Red Panel Light (Fixed Leakage).
  • Added Circuit Breaker Functionality.
  • Fully Native Coding.
  • Changed Light Colors.
  • Added Super Marine Livery.
  • Added Nightime Gauge Emmisives.
  • Fixed Tire Animations.
  • Boost Hotkey on “Emergency Power”.
  • Clickable Throttle.
  • Fine Tuned Engine Start-Up.
  • New Sounds in Interior.
  • Re-Written Electrical Systems.
  • New Camera Views.
  • New Thumbnails.
  • Disabled Master Alarm (Vibration Issue) for Xbox.
  • Add NOS Compatibility for Xbox.
  • Panel Collision for VR Zoom.
  • Added Blank Dashboard Photo to Default 3D Model so Livery Artists can customize it and add one of their own.
  • Added Jennifer Connolly Photo to Rocketeer #4 and #5 Liveries.
  • Removed GTN750 for Compatibility Issues.
  • GTN 750 Replacement Package will be available on
  • GTN 750 WTT Replacement Package will be available on

April is looking to be a month full of Gee Bees in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Besides Got Friends’ improved offering, the next MSFS Famous Flyer will also represent a couple of earlier models of this curious family of fast airplanes. Stay on the lookout for the release of both the Gee Bee R-2 and Model Z later this month and, naturally, of the updated Got Friends Gee Bee R3 later this week!