The Hogwarts Express train is now in MSFS, with custom animations and smoke effects

MSFS might be a flight simulator, but there’s much more to enjoy besides the pleasures of handling an aircraft. The realism provided by the world below goes a great way to make flying more immersive, which is something MSFS does brilliantly with its stunning re-creation of our planet. Besides, if that world feels alive, it makes the whole experience even better!

We’ve seen some developers playing with this idea of enhancing even further the world in MSFS. From improved road traffic to the addition of boats or birds, there’s a lot that can be done to create an increasingly better scenery.

Unfortunately, one aspect that hasn’t seen many improvements is the railways, which are very much lifeless. One might think that trains were never a thing in MSFS, save from some very localized sceneries that have added some kind of moving train near an airport. But maybe this will start to change if Jeppeson2001‘s stunning newest creation serves as inspiration: an animated replica of the Hogwarts Express train, moving some 3 miles between some gorgeous locations in the UK.

What a brilliant idea this is! Harry Potter fans will naturally love it, but any simmer will be able to appreciate how awesome this small section of Scotland becomes with such a beautiful animated train moving between the iconic Glenfinnan Viaduct and Glenfinnan Railway Station.

This re-creation of the Hogwarts Express for MSFS features a highly detailed external and interior model of both the train engine and the carriages, together with realistic sounds and steam effects coming out of the locomotive.

The train travels around 3 miles, between a wooden area near Glenfinnan Viaduct, a POI that was included with the UK World Update, and Glenfinnan Railway Station, which has also been rendered in great detail by Jeppeson2001. It’s a beautiful sight as it crosses the viaduct, leaving a white trail of smoke behind. It’s the kind of discoverable feature that brings a smile to any pilot who manages to come across this view!

The Hogwarts Express Steam Train is now available for MSFS, priced at 7.99€ plus tax. In MSFS, simply search for the ‘Glenfinnan Viaduct’ POI in the World Map to quickly find it. Better yet, plan your journey from a nearby airport and go search for it!

Hogwarts Express Train MSFS 8.jpg

Hogwarts Express Train MSFS 6.jpg

Hogwarts Express Train MSFS 5.jpg

Hogwarts Express Train MSFS 4.jpg

Hogwarts Express Train MSFS 3.jpg

Hogwarts Express Train MSFS 2.jpg

Hogwarts Express Train MSFS 1.jpg


  • Handcrafted 3D Animated Hogwarts Steam Train
  • Interior modeling of the Train Engine & Carriages
  • Train Sounds
  • Steam Effects
  • Handcrafted 3D modeled Rail Track
  • Scenery of the Glenfinnan Railway Station with Platform Announcements
  • Highly detailed handcrafted model of the Glenfinnan Monument which is located next to Loch Shiel.
  • PBR Textures
  • Detailed Night Lighting
  • It comprises of 36 individual animated parts, 6 individual smoke effects, and 8 seperate sound effects