LatinVFR replaces the default road vehicles in MSFS with Global Vehicle Traffic

LatinVFR has been playing an interesting role in the third-party development community for MSFS. Usually associated with the creation of airports for different simulators, LatinVFR has released a series of add-ons for MSFS that replace some existing assets, such as ground service vehicles and jetways. Today, LatinVFR is back with another product of this type, Global Vehicle Traffic, with the goal to replace the default road vehicles.

Road traffic is a great immersion feature in any flight simulator, since it makes the world feel alive and more realistic. While it’s true that most of the time pilots only see small objects going about their lives on the roads below, these can be seen in more detail when departing or approaching an airport, and also by GA pilots flying low and slow. So, LatinVFR saw the opportunity here to enhance this particular aspect in MSFS, with more realistic and detailed vehicles.

LatinVFR says that they took into consideration the typical vehicles seen in specific regions of the world, with specific decoration from real-world companies, as they are often seen in different countries. You will see, for example, DHL and Amazon trucks, police vehicles, a wider variety of private cars, buses, and more.

latinvfr global vehicle traffic msfs 5.jpg

latinvfr global vehicle traffic msfs 4.jpg

latinvfr global vehicle traffic msfs 3.jpg

latinvfr global vehicle traffic msfs 2.jpg

For some reason, New Zealand is not supported, but other than that, the whole world should be affected by this add-on. LatinVFR promises that there’s no impact on performance, which is always good news.

Global Vehicle Traffic is now available for MSFS, priced at $8.99.

Main features:

  • Replacement of road vehicle traffic with different sets for diverse parts of the world, for North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
  • Vehicles that resemble real world type of traffic
  • Compact cars, vans, buses, Trucks.
  • Different logos for many of the trucks with real world companies.
  • More realistic vehicles than the stock/default with no impact on performance.
  • The country of New Zealand couldn’t be modified.  

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