(Released!) LatinVFR announces Airport Jetway Pro, a replacement for the default MSFS jetways

October 20th – As promised, LatinVFR released today Airport Jetway Pro, a glass jetway that replaces the default one found on all major airports in MSFS. It’s now available for $7.99.

LatinVFR, most known for its scenery enhancements like airports and the AREX series for MSFS, has announced a new product that will improve another feature of many default airports: the jetways.

Airport Jetway Pro, expected to be released already next week, will replace the default jetway with a new, highly realistic and detailed model, complete with new sounds, lights, and much improved animations.

This new jetway is modeled after a glass-type jetway, and it’s looking like a much more realistic alternative, with highly detailed textures and interior modeling. It will replace all the default jetways on all the default airports that make use of them. Third-party airports that use custom jetways won’t be affected.

An interesting side effect is that some third-party airports, especially freeware ones that make use of the default jetway, will also get this new and improved version, certainly a very nice upgrade.

With this new product, LatinVFR continues to provide ways to improve the ambiance in the stock airports. The AREX series already provides region-specific and customized ground service vehicles, and LatinVFR has actually released a few days ago Airport Static Aircraft for Asobo airports, which adds real-world airlines and aircraft types parked around more than 40 major stock airports in MSFS.

LatinVFR’s Airport Jetway Pro is coming in just a few days, and while pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, the developers say it will be in line with their AREX products, which have been released at under $10.

The jetway pro will include:

• Ultra-realistic modeling
• HD PBR texturing
• Advanced lighting
• Realistic sounds
• Improved animations
• LOD models that allow for great visuals at no performance cost.