(Released!) Orbx previews Great Britain North landmarks pack for MSFS

Update, May 6th – Well that was fast! Just one day after the initial announcement, Orbx’s Great Britain Central is now available for MSFS. Read more info below and grab your copy through Orbx Direct, priced at just over £10.

Orbx is back to the British isles with a new landmark pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following the release of Great Britain Central, the first landmark region that added more than 500 POIs to Central Britain, the studio is now doing the same thing to the northern territories, extending from the Isle of Man in the south to the Shetland Islands in the north.

The goal of the new Great Britain North is to enhance the experience for VFR flying, adding hundreds of new landmarks across this vast new region, making point-to-point navigation easier while also providing new places to discover and explore. From the Isle of Man to cities such as Glasgow or Edinburgh, stretching to coastal areas where you’ll find, for example, Dunrobin Castle, there will be a lot of interesting new things to see!

This time, Orbx is adding nearly 600 custom landmarks, which include lighthouses, stadiums, castles, bridges, churches, and much more. Some special POIs have been modeled with extra care, including the aforementioned Dunrobin Castle, for a total of 32 “hero” POIs.

Orbx Great Britain North should be out soon! Until then, enjoy these first preview images provided by the team and start preparing some new VFR tours across Britain!