Niagara Falls Enhancement Pack

Microsoft Flight Simulator has given us an incredibly realistic world to explore, but as time goes by simmers have found some less than ideal representations of our planet, things that Microsoft’s and Asobo’s amazing technology didn’t seem to figure out in the best way.

One of the good examples of a landmark that could definitely be improved are the famous Niagara Falls, in the Canadian-American border. Fortunately, once again, the community set out to solve this, creating a freeware enhancement pack that greatly improves the location. Courtesy of romandesign, who already brought us the excellent and also free Greater Toronto Area, comes this Niagara Falls Enhancement Pack, featuring enhanced scenery for the area, with animated color-changing night illumination of the falls. 

The default Niagara Falls scenery actually has photogrammetry, but the actual falls are kind of a mess. romandesign says that “this pack looks much better than default, and cyclic random color illumination of the falls at night looks really nice”, but do not expect perfect results, due to current limitations of the SDK. Further improvements in the future are to be expected. To us, in this current state, this pack greatly improves the scenery and is a must have for those who love flying around here.

Main features:

  • 3 LOD levels, minimizing FPS impact
  • Photogrammetry is heavily edited and texture color, contrast and brightness is carefully corrected to match surrounding autogen scenery
  • Custom night Niagara Falls lighting, multiple color-changing lights, Seneca Casino and Skylon tower beacons and colored facade illumination