Seafront Simulations updates “Vessels: Global Shipping” with double the traffic

Vessels: Global Shipping is a very interesting add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator that, despite being completely unrelated to aviation, does provide a significant immersion boost to the whole flying experience in MSFS. By filling the world with high-quality boats and realistic routes, the simulator becomes a richer environment when flying near water bodies.

Following the initial release on PC back in July of 2021, and then a very welcome launch on Xbox already this year, Seafront Simulations has now released another major update to Vessels: Global Shipping. This time the team is focusing on improving the overall quality of the product, more specifically by dramatically increasing the traffic and routes in this latest version, which should now be more than double than before.

Seafront Simulations Vessels Balearic 2
LittleNapMap provides a great way to visualize the number of boats near you.

Thanks to this increase in traffic, there are now new routes to new destinations, but existing routes also get a significant boost. In future updates, Seafront Simulations hopes to focus on specific areas of the world that require some special attention and additional work, such as Australia. Traffic and vessel variety should also continue to improve.

In the end, Vessels: Global Shipping continues to improve while staying faithful to its original goal. With a strong focus on a variety of models, including oil, cargo, gas, and utility vessels, it’s a great way to enhance the maritime world in MSFS, thus making flights above water much more interesting. Make sure to grab the update from your original vendor!

Seafront Simulations Vessels Balearic 3

Seafront Simulations Vessels Balearic 4

A sneak peek of Vessels: The Balearic Islands and Vessels: The Virgin Islands.

In other news from Seafront Simulations, the team revealed this week that they have two new regional enhancements that are coming soon to MSFS. These will be the Balearic Islands, a Spanish archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea (great to go along with the Iberia World Update), and also the Virgin Islands, which marks a return to the Caribbean sea, which was the focus of the first payware product from Seafront Simulations.

Both of these new products are currently in queue for a release, so stay tuned for further news regarding their launch.