The Iberia World Update is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

After a short delay, World Update 8, dedicated to the Iberian Peninsula in Southern Europe, is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Gibraltar get some welcome scenery enhancements with improved aerial imagery, photogrammetry cities, points of interest, and more.

Iberia is a beautiful region that totally deserves some attention in MSFS. With world-famous cities and landmarks and a variety of rich landscapes that range from the snowy peaks of the Pyrenees to the sunny shores of Algarve, there’s plenty to explore in this section of land in Southern Europe.

In World Update 8 you will find 99 custom POIs, 6 new photogrammetry cities (including Lisbon and Bilbao), 4 handcrafted airports, and improved elevation data for the entire region.

Naturally, as usual with these World Updates, all this new content can be best enjoyed through the included new activities. There are now new Landing Challenges, Bush Trips, and Discovery Flights, which are the perfect way to explore the whole region and discover all the new stuff.

Besides all this new content, World Update 8 also brings some additional changes. Portuguese localization has now been added, expanding the range of languages available for the MSFS user interface. Furthermore, there’s new AIRAC 2203 navigation data, and more than 1000 previously-missing airports have been added all over the world.

All in all, World Update 8 is another very nice update for MSFS simmers. It actually hits very close to home, and it’s definitely going to get much attention from myself!

Check the full release notes on the official Flight Simulator website, and make sure to watch the trailer video above to get a sneak peek into all the great new stuff.

As usual, this new World Update is available for free through the in-sim Marketplace, for both PC and Xbox users.