Iberia World Update (Portugal and Spain), delayed for a couple of days

The Flight Simulator team revealed today that World Update 8, dedicated to the Iberian Peninsula and initially scheduled for a release today, has been slightly delayed for just a couple of days. The team cites “recent tragic aviation news” to justify the change of timing for this new World Update. The new date is this next Thursday, March 24th, at 2:00 AM PDT (0900Z).

The Iberia World Update was announced back in January, maintaining the goal of upgrading a specific region of the world with improved aerial imagery, custom-built landmarks and points of interest, bespoke airports, and more. Unlike with previous World Updates, details are sparse for this one in terms of what exactly will be improved. With this delay, we’ll have to wait a little more to know exactly how much new stuff is coming to Portugal and Spain.

There’s also a new aircraft that was timed with the release of the Iberia Update, the Dornier Do J. It’s safe to assume that this airplane has also been postponed. This will be another release in the “Local Legends” series, now featuring a “flying boat” from the 1920s, known in Spain for the first transatlantic flight to South America, and in Portugal for the first aerial crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by night.

In the end, we’re talking about a very minor delay for the Iberia Update, which is still coming before the end of the month, as initially estimated. We’ll let you know of any further news regarding this release if they become available in the meantime!