FS2Crew is now available for the Aerosoft CRJ

FS2Crew has released its popular flight crew simulation for the Aerosoft CRJ. After launching for the default A320 and the FlyByWire A32NX last year, FS2Crew now comes to the nimble regional airliner, supporting both voice and button control of its simulated flight crew.

FS2Crew offers very unique and cool functionality, by giving airliner simmers a virtual copilot to fly along with. This makes airliner operations more realistic and immersive, as the workload is shared between pilot and copilot just like in the real world. Besides, cabin and ground crew can also be interacted with.

The great thing about FS2Crew is the voice control function. You can follow checklists and flows along with the First Officer, working as a team to get the aircraft up and running and fly along your route. The application is directly integrated into the MSFS toolbar, so you get easy access to all its functions.

With FS2Crew, the user fills the role of the Captain, responsible for flying the aircraft, while the simulated First Officer assumes the role of Pilot Monitoring. Not only this is a great way to share the workload associated with flying an airliner jet, but it’s also a great learning tool about the aircraft itself!

To learn more about all the features enabled by FS2Crew for the CRJ, check the official product page. Sadly, the developers don’t provide much in the way of training or informational resources about how their product operates, but there are plenty of Youtube videos that may be helpful for newcomers. See the example below, a great tutorial for the A32NX version of FS2Crew that should mostly apply to the new CRJ version.

FS2Crew for the Aerosoft CRJ is now available, priced at €19.99.