Train your aerobatic skills in MSFS with the Sukhoi Su-31, Indiafoxtecho’s latest release

Indiafoxtecho continues to expand its product portfolio in Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the F-35 Lightning II release earlier this year, Indiafoxtecho is out this week the Sukhoi Su-31, a Russian aerobatic single-engine airplane designed during the 1990s.

The Su-31 has been in development for quite some time, but the developer was never quite happy with its performance in the simulator, thus the late release. The Su-31 is a special airplane that is capable of some remarkable aerobatic stunts, and if that experience can’t be replicated in MSFS, there’s little point in having the aircraft available in the platform. That was, at least initially, Indiafoxtecho’s reasoning for not launching the product, since it was pretty much ready in terms of visuals nearly a year ago.

Now, it seems Indiafoxtecho has grown reasonably happy with the experience provided by the Su-31, with a few caveats. While it should be fun to fly for most users, and perfectly capable of most aerobatic maneuvers, there are still some things that need to be improved. At the moment, the flick/snap roll behavior is not working as intended, just like knife-edge maneuvers.

Indiafoxtecho Sukhoi Su 31 MSFS 7

Indiafoxtecho Sukhoi Su 31 MSFS 6

Indiafoxtecho Sukhoi Su 31 MSFS 4

Indiafoxtecho Sukhoi Su 31 MSFS 3

Indiafoxtecho Sukhoi Su 31 MSFS 2

Indiafoxtecho Sukhoi Su 31 MSFS 5

Indiafoxtecho promises to keep trying to improve these behaviours, so a few updates may be expected in due time to enhance the flight model of the Su-31. For now, what we’re getting is a detailed exterior and interior model of this Russian airplane, with 7 different liveries, a custom WWise sound package, and a fairly realistic flight model that should enable a few cool tricks.

The Sukhoi Su-31 from Indiafoxtecho is now available through Simmarket, priced at around $19 + tax. It should also come to other vendors soon, and a Marketplace for PC and Xbox users is also expected in the near future.

Now that the Su-31 is out of the door, Indiafoxtecho should shift focus to new projects, following the planned roadmap for 2022. The Aermacchi M-346 is the most likely next release, aimed at some time this summer, possibly followed by the Eurofighter later in the year.