Got Friends releases remastered EA-7 Edgley Optica for MSFS

The talented folks at Got Friends have released this weekend a new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Well, maybe not exactly “new”, because it’s actually a remaster of a previous product, but it’s such an improvement that we can very well say it’s a new product: it’s the EA-7 Edgley Optica!

You may remember hearing about the Optica a few times already since MSFS released back in 2020. It’s a curious fact, really, considering that this strange-looking bird appears to be significantly more popular in Flight Simulator than it ever was in the real world. It has been available as a payware product from Orbx, and also as a freeware model from Jonx. It’s the latter that is of particular interest here, because it’s the one that served as a base for the remaster that is being released now (Jonx is one of the 4 members of the team, along with GotGravel, 270Inc, and MyKrode).

So, Got Friends decided to seriously overhaul the Edgley Optica, replacing the existing freeware model with a much improved payware version, which is now available through Starting this first week with a 50% discount, this new Edgley Optica should eventually (soon!) arrive in the MSFS Marketplace as well, where it will also be available for Xbox simmers.

Got Friends Edgley Optica MSFS 1

Got Friends Edgley Optica MSFS 2

Got Friends Edgley Optica MSFS 3

Got Friends Edgley Optica MSFS 4

Got Friends Edgley Optica MSFS 5

Got Friends Edgley Optica MSFS 6

Got Friends Edgley Optica MSFS 7

Got Friends Edgley Optica MSFS 8

Got Friends Edgley Optica MSFS 9

In terms of features, this new Optica has been totally redesigned, matching the aircraft’s original selling points, while also adding some modern niceties that make the whole experience more practical and fun. In the panoramic cockpit you will now find improved instrumentation which include Garmin 430/330 GPS navigation, and autopilot, and even support for the popular PMS50 GTN 750 avionics mod.

Got Friends really want this to be the best simulation of the EA-7 Edgley Optica on the market, so they are promising a fine-tuned flight model from Got Gravel, along with a very detailed 3D model and textures. For immersion and fun sake, there’s even the choice to fly with a furry companion, so you can appreciate the striking beauty of the world in MSFS with the company of your pet. The Optica is absolutely perfect for this, a low and slow flying machine that provides a clear view all around. And it’s compatible with VR too!

Overall, this is another great release from Got Friends, who continue to impress us with improved products and a very nice attitude towards the community. We can’t wait to see the Draco and the Grumman F4F-4 but, in the meantime, this remastered Edgley Optica provides a great entertainment value for the virtual tourist in you. It’s available now, priced at €11.66 (50% off from the €23.32 base price).

Speaking of remasters, this is the second product of this kind that Got Friends has released in recent months. The Optica now follows a similar path that the Discus glider did at the end of 2021, when the freeware Discus-2b paved the way for a significantly improved remasterd, in the form of the Discus-2c. And don’t forget the absolutely riveting Gee Bee R3, a very fun airplane that will soon come to Xbox!