Got Friends releases Discus-2c Premium Edition, the most detailed glider yet for MSFS

Following on the success of the freeware Discus-2c glider, Got Friends released this week an improved Premium Edition version with many new features, along with a big update for the popular freeware model.

When the freeware Discus-2c launched earlier this year, Got Friends revealed that the team was also working on a payware version of the glider, looking to introduce a number of innovative features. Got Friends has been at the forefront of glider development for MSFS and has provided simmers the opportunity to soar in the simulator, while Asobo/Microsoft work to bring official glider support later this year.

With the release of the Premium Edition of the Discus-2c, Got Friends brings us a new variant of the glider that includes a Front Electric Sustainer (FES), a small motor that provides some extra power when needed, along with an associated Control Unit.

Besides the FES, the Premium Edition also comes with a few additional unique special features, such as a Visual Winch Launching system, Multiplayer Aerial Towing Compatibility, and numerous additional customization options.

The freeware Discus-2c has also been updated with many new features that have been developed for the payware version. These include advanced yawstring animations, ballast tank management, upgraded FLARM detection system, improved winch launch vectoring, multiplayer model matching, new thermal-activated weather presets, improved wingflex, new high-quality sounds, and more.

If you’re looking to learn more about the two versions, make sure to read this post from Got Friends where the differences and features of both models are explained in more detail.

Got Friends Discus 2c glider msfs 7

Got Friends Discus 2c glider msfs 6

Got Friends Discus 2c glider msfs 5

Got Friends Discus 2c glider msfs 3

Got Friends Discus 2c glider msfs 2

Got Friends Discus 2c glider msfs 1

Got Friends is committed to continuing to support both the freeware and the payware versions of the Discus-2c, especially as Asobo and Microsoft bring new glider mechanisms and support later this year, with the launch of the 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The new and improved Discus-2c is available now through, in both its freeware and premium packages. The Premium Edition is priced at a very generous $15, so there’s no reason to skip it if you’re a fan of gliders. In any case, there’s always the free version to see if it fits your needs.

Another great news is that the Discus-2c will also be available soon in the Marketplace, for both PC and Xbox users, which means this will be the first glider to become available for the console crowd!