Just Flight’s FS Traffic is now in closed beta, hundreds of liveries completed

FS Traffic continues to be in active development by Just Flight, who shared this week a new status update on the project.

FS Traffic was announced late last year, aiming for a release sometime in 2023. We are now into the second half of the year and Just Flight continues to work on this product and share some occasional – but quite impressive – screenshots of FS Traffic in action. This week, however, there’s an important tidbit that may indicate that this project may now be approaching the final stages of development.

In the latest development update, Just Flight revealed that the first beta build of FS Traffic has been delivered to their internal testing team, which is now putting the product through its paces in MSFS. To help manage FS Traffic’s functionality in-sim, a new menu system has also been recently implemented by the team, providing real-time access to traffic options and controls.

When it comes to the liveries, which will be more than 700 in total once FS Traffic is released, the team of artists working on them has already finished around 70% – an impressive number considering how detailed these AI models are!

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 5

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 4 1

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 3 1

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 2 1

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 1 1

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 11

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 10

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 9

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 8

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 7

LIRN Naples Airport MSFS 8

In fact, if you look closely at the latest preview images that we reproduce here, we’re looking at a very significant visual improvement over the default AI airplanes and liveries. The different airplanes look quite realistic, sometimes rivaling some lower-end payware aircraft we’ve seen come out for MSFS.

What these last images also present us is FS Traffic’s interface both in-sim, where you’ll be able to control some options of the tool in real-time, but also to the standalone app that will be used to manage flight plans, aircraft, and more.

Remember that FS Traffic is not a live traffic solution, but rather a vast collection of updated real-world routes, flown in the sim by quality airplane models with authentic liveries. Simmers will be able to customize the tool with their own airplane models and liveries, which should enable some cool creative uses for those who enjoy tinkering with this kind of stuff.

There’s no word yet about an estimated release date for FS Traffic, but we believe it’s still on track for a release this year. In the meantime, stay on the lookout for a new aircraft coming from the Just Flight Factory, the PA-38 Tomahawk, which should be out within the next couple of months.