Smoothtrack is an affordable head tracking solution that requires no extra equipment

There’s nothing more immersive in flight simulation that a head-tracking device, which replicates your head’s movement in game and makes you feel like you’re right there inside de cockpit looking down the instruments or checking the view. That’s why TrackIR is an extremely popular solution, but it comes at a cost.

Smoothtrack promises to be a much cheaper alternative, with no extra equipment required, because you probably already have it: your smartphone! All you have to do is install a $9.99 app (available for iOS and Android) and put it in front of you. The system will use the smartphone’s camera to detect your head and track its movements, and translate that into head movements inside Flight Simulator.

It’s an ingenious solution that anyone can take advantage off. It actually makes flying much easier, since you can now look over that cockpit to see the runway for a loaning, for example, or look around the cockpit to check and and interact with instruments.

The setup process requires some steps, but the developer has a clear explanation on what to do. With excellent reviews so far and the promise of continuous development, this may be a revolutionary product that will change the experience for many virtual pilots! See for yourself: