Wing42 developing Lockheed Vega and Boeing 247D for MSFS

Wing42 specialises on the adaptation of historic aircraft from the 1920s and 30s, trying to provide the most realistic and immersive experience of the golden age of aviation. Currently running and early access of the Lockheed Vega for P3D and FSX, the developers are now developing that same iconic aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. But that’s not the only one, as the Boeing 247D is also in development!

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The Lockheed Vega is a symbol of the golden age of aviation, having been used by pioneers like Amelia Earhart and Wiley Post. Wing42’s team is currently “in the process of upgrading her 3d models, the materials and flight model” for MSFS, while at the same working on a full release for FSX and P3D. The release for MSFS will be somewhat staged, with a first version to be released as a base pack, without the complex systems simulation, which will come in a later upgrade.

The Boeing 247D will eventually be released in the same terms, as a base-pack ”with a state-of-the-art 3d model, top notch and accurate flight dynamics and great sound”. The ”prop-o-tronic” physics engine that powers the aircraft’s complex system will come as an additional addon at a later date.

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The developers have also previewed the estimated pricing for these modules, which although not final should give and indication of what to expect:

  • Wing42 Lockheed Vega Core version for MSFS: 30 EUR (~35 USD)
  • Wing42 Lockheed Vega Prop-oTronic version for MSFS: 55 EUR (~65 USD)
  • Wing42 Boeing 247D Core version for MSFS: 35 EUR (~41 USD)
  • Wing42 Boeing 247D Prop-o-Tronic version for MSFS: to be determined.

There’s still no release date, but we will keep an eye on the development and update you once there’s further news about both these very exciting addons for Flight Simulator! And if you like historic aircraft remember to check the news on another one currently in development for MSFS: the Spitfire!