Orbx releases LSZB Bern Airport for MSFS

Orbx has released today its newest airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator – LSZB Bern Airport, in Switzerland. The airport is developed by Massimiliano Addante, a talented indie developer who has previously created airports for FSDreamteam.

LSZB Bern Airport, located just outside the Swiss capital of Bern, serves the city of Bern and its surrounding areas. It sits at an altitude of 1,640 feet (500 meters) above sea level and has a single 1,730 meters long runway (14/32). The airport has a small terminal building and can accommodate aircraft as large as an Airbus A320.

Helvetic Airways, a Swiss regional airline that operates seasonal flights to several European destinations, uses LSZB Bern Airport as a hub. Lübeck Air and SkyAlps are two other airlines that fly into the airport. The airport also houses the Swiss Air Force’s air transport service and the air rescue organization Rega, which operates a Eurocopter EC 145.

Orbx LSZB Bern Airport MSFS 10

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Nestled near the majestic Swiss Alps, LSZB Bern Airport boasts breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ranges, making it a prime destination for general aviation pilots seeking an unforgettable flying experience. However, the airport’s unique location also presents a challenge to pilots, with a couple of circle-to-land approaches to runway 32 that require precision and skill.

Orbx’s rendition of LSZB Bern Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator features highly detailed modeling throughout, custom ortho/projected mesh, static helicopters, and general aviation aircraft. The airport is designed to provide an immersive experience to pilots, with crisp 4K and 2K textures with PBR that add to the airport’s unique atmosphere.

LSZB Bern Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator should be another exciting Swiss airport, one of many beautiful locations that we’ve seen come into the simulator over the last couple of years. With stunning views of the Alps and a challenging approach, LSZB promises to offer a scenic and exciting experience to simmers flying in this beautiful region!

LSZB Bern Airport is out now through Orbx Direct, priced at around €12,09 | £10.71 | $12.83.