Developers struggle with Sim Update V: Aerosoft cancels Simple Traffic, FlyByWire removes A32NX from Marketplace

To say that the latest Flight Simulator Sim Update is polarising is an understatement. It has resurfaced the worst that the flight simulation community has to offer: bitterness, ingratitude, insults… total disregard for what has been done. It seems many have forgotten about the great things of Flight Simulator because of a rougher-than-usual update. Folks, remember: Asobo and Microsoft have been extraordinarily communicative and honest about their work, constantly seeking user feedback to improve the experience, and there’s no reason to expect the contrary after the crazy last few days.

Obviously, if you’re not experiencing any issues after Sim Update V (SU5), you’re probably totally oblivious about what I’m talking about. That’s a good thing! It means you’re not spending your time reading the dumpster fire that flight simulation forums have become in the last few days. A poll on AVSIM indicates that around 50% of MSFS users are happy, but the other half is definitely very vocal. Obviously, issues can’t be ignored on a product that you’ve bought, but please be patient and let the hard-working people on the Flight Simulator team fix them. It’s happening right now and I’m sure they are losing their sleep to fix things.

While the simulator stabilizes during these days and after the stream of patches that will certainly be released in the near future (a hotfix was already made available), the truth is that those struggling after SU5 will have to adapt. This is true for pilots but also for developers, and we’ve seen a few of them going through some difficulties after the update. Many had to quickly update their products to make them compatible, while others face harder circumstances.

Aerosoft, for instance, has revealed this weekend that one of its newer products, the recently announced Simple Traffic, has now been put on hold. It aimed to do two simple things: to show correct AI traffic liveries and to improve performance, but this simplicity didn’t stop SU5 from breaking the possibility of having this work in MSFS. According to Mathijs Kok, SU5 “wrecked this project as it changed the AI traffic and encrypted the files we were depending on. So at this moment this project is dead.

Unfortunate news indeed, but the team isn’t giving up. They are currently studying other ways to implement this functionality, but they need MSFS to stabilise, so this could take a while. For now, Simple Traffic is canceled, but hopefully we will hear more news soon about a possible alternative from Aerosoft.

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Focus on the good things. MSFS is awesome!

Another very popular add-on that is seeing major issues is the A32NX by FlyByWire. Users of the stable release, the one that is available through the MSFS Marketplace, have faced numerous crashes, so much so that FlyByWire took the drastic action of temporarily removing the A32NX from the Marketplace. Until further notice, the team is recommending the installation of the experimental version, which is available from the Installer.

Many other developers are scrambling to update their products to support SU5, so it’s absolutely crucial that you check if there’s any update available for the add-ons that you’re currently using. Remember, if your simulator is crashing, temporarily move all the contents of your Community folder to a new location, and then slowly put them back up. You may be experiencing CTD’s because of a bad livery, for example, so it’s very important to keep this in mind.

I’m hopeful that things will calm down, new updates will be issued, problems will be fixed and, eventually, everyone will be happy. I know, I’m an optimist, and knowing how committed Asobo and Microsoft are to Flight Simulator, I’m absolutely sure that everything will be great again for (mostly) everyone. For now, let’s all please be patient. If things are not working out for you, just go for a walk, turn off simming for a few days, let things settle down. This is a hobby after all, one that should bring joy to us all. Let’s let people work and soon it will all be behind our backs.