Orbx releases Himalaya and Central Asia Mesh, a massive terrain upgrade for MSFS

Orbx has released today its new installment in the Mesh product series: Himalaya and Central Asia Mesh. This huge new region follows the previously released New Zealand, Iceland, and Alaska mesh upgrades, which brought significant resolution improvements to each region.

Himalaya and Central Asia Mesh offers the biggest coverage yet from this product line, upgrading terrain resolution in MSFS from India and the Himalayas all the way to Mongolia and northeast China. It’s an area of over 14 million km2!

Orbx used 3 different sources to carefully blend new terrain data for a 10m resolution, resulting in greatly-improved mountains that should now look more crispy and detailed in Microsoft Flight Simulator. And there’s plenty of mountains around here, with many of the highest peaks in the world nearby. It’s an incredible place to fly, full of beauty and also plenty of challenging conditions to test your piloting skills.

Orbx Himalayas Asia Mesh 2

Orbx Himalayas Asia Mesh 3

Orbx Himalayas Asia Mesh 4

Orbx Himalayas Asia Mesh 6

Given the huge coverage area, prepare to have a considerable chunk of your drive occupied by all this new data. Himalaya and Central Asia Mesh requires 20GB of your drive, but if you like to fly around this region or are looking to try it out now, it’s probably worth it.

As usual, Orbx says that this is a self-contained product that doesn’t interfere with any other files. Besides, there should be no noticeable performance impact, despite Orbx promising no blurring and minimal LOD morphing when flying across the impressive mountainous landscapes of the Himalayas and beyond.

If this sounds enticing, then head to Orbx and grab your copy of Himalaya and Central Asia Mesh, now available for just around $9.53 | €8,38 | £7.10.

Orbx Himalayas Asia Mesh 1
Himalaya and Central Asia Mesh covers a huge area.

Main Features

  • Derived from 3 sources with 10m resolution
  • Minimal performance impact
  • Compiled to reduce LOD morphing
  • Self-contained product