The classic Shift+Z info panel is now available in MSFS

Here’s a very cool little mod for the FSX veterans among you. Remember what used to happen when you pressed Shift+Z? Well, it took me a second to remember too, but then it clicked! It showed that little flight information overlay in the corner, the classic red text showing data such as coordinates, wind speed and direction, airspeed, frames per second, and more. It came in useful in some circumstances, and it’s now available in MSFS thanks to a new freeware mod!

Shift+Z Stats was created by AmbitiousPilots, the talented developer who also brought us the excellent Toolbar Pushback add-on. It’s an extremely simple tool that does exactly what it says with no additional fuss. And, obviously, it works with every aircraft.

The info panel can be enabled by pressing Shift-Z, and also through a toolbar toggle button. As an added bonus, it is also completely customisable. Just follow the developer’s instructions to change what data shows up as you cycle through each section, or even to change the text colours.

MSFS Shift Z mod 3

MSFS Shift Z mod 1

You may notice that your autopilot toggle is set to the Z key, so you’ll need to change this setting in MSFS in order to avoid any conflicts.

So, here’s a piece of nostalgia for you. It brings fond memories and, at the same time, shows us how much Flight Simulator has evolved since those old times. What are you waiting for? Shift+Z Stats is now available for free through