Skiathos International Airport (LGSK)

Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport, located in the Greek island of the same name, is a popular attraction for tourists and planespotters. The runway’s proximity to a public road allows spectators to experience aircraft landings at a very close range, in an experience similar to the arguably more famous Princess Juliana Airport in Saint Maarten.

Today we bring you a free version of this airport, greatly improved over the default scenery, courtesy of whitezleopard. Below is a list of the several improvements to the original version of LGSK:

-Changed runway designators from 20/02 to 19/01
-Improved runway layout overall (can´t get precision markings to show)
-Corrected Runway slope to be closer to reality (Note: Still needs improvements, especially terrain around threshold 19 not 100% like reality)
-Added the new apron built in 2016/2017 with relatively accurate markings
-Added accurate Taxiway Signs
-Corrected Taxiway names to match reality
-Added close to reality apron lights
-Added many static objects around the airport
-Added functional Tower and Approach  (ATIS currently not working)
-Added functional parking stands
-Added boats and some items around the beach of runway 01
-Replaced autogenerated terminal buildings with some generic buildings