PMDG DC-6 is upon us, coming next Friday, June 18th

The hotly anticipated DC-6, the first aircraft to be released for MSFS by PMDG, finally has a release date. And it’s right around the corner! This Friday, June 18, you will finally get to fly the magnificent vintage airliner, in a groundbreaking release that promises to raise the bar for future aircraft to come to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

PMDG surprised everyone last month when they laid on the table the studio’s entire plans for MSFS. The DC-6 was revealed, together with exciting updates for future releases, which include the 737, 777 and 747. Now, just a few weeks later, the developers have finished their work on the DC-6 and are ready to release it!

The announcement came from PMDG’s owner Robert Randazzo, who shared the team’s excitement to bring to life their first product for MSFS. The new sim provides never-before-seen levels of realism and detail that captures the beauty of the classic airliner in all its glory. Everything from lighting to flight handling to sounds and systems behavior will be intensely detailed, giving simmers plenty of entertainment time over the coming months or even years.



Considering how complex the experience can be when you’re managing an aircraft with radial engines, the DC-6 will come with an Automatic Flight Engineer that you will be able to summon in order to relieve your role as the captain. That way, you can focus on flying the place, just as a real DC-6 captain would do in real life.

Now that the DC-6 release is just around the corner, it’s a great time to get acquainted with what to expect, and there’s no better way to do that than to check the also recently unveiled PMDG Youtube channel, where the studio has been sharing a series of detailed tutorials that teach everything there is to know about this iconic machine.

Also, make sure to check the Twitch streams of TheFlyingFabio and Chewwy, who will be playing with the DC-6 before everyone else. Lucky guys!

In the meantime, we should also get more information about time of release and pricing, which should be announced shortly before the release. Coming from PMDG, we know we’re in for an extraordinary experience, so prepare your wallet. We’re expecting the DC-6 to be priced somewhere between $60 to $80. It will certainly be worth it!

This is a truly exciting release for Flight Simulator and we can’t wait to take the DC-6 to the skies! Stay tuned for further updates!