Flight Simulator Nordics update to be released next Thursday, June 17

It was almost exactly two months ago that Asobo and Microsoft revealed the destination of the next MSFS World Update. After France and the Benelux, it will be the Nordic countries to receive some attention from the Flight Simulator team, with the addition of many landmarks and airports. This week, on the customary development update issued by the team, the release date of World Update V has been revealed: June 17, next week!

Word Update V: The Nordics will bring many improvements to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. Dozens of custom landmarks will be included, with many famous locations in each country now properly represented in the sim.

Besides the extensive list of points of interest, there’s also a handful of new bespoke airports that will come with this update:

EKRN Bornholm Airport
BIIS Ísafjörður Airport
ENSB Svalbard Airport
ESSA Stockholm Arlanda Airport
EFVA Vaasa Airport

MSFS Nordics Update 8

MSFS Nordics Update 7

MSFS Nordics Update 6

MSFS Nordics Update 5

MSFS Nordics Update 4

MSFS Nordics Update 3

MSFS Nordics Update 1

Gaya Simulations has an important contribution in these updates, as an official partner of the MSFS team, by creating the landmarks and airports that are included in each World Update. Additionally, for World Update V, we’re expecting some new landing challenges and bush trips specifically designed by Perfect Flight, a development studio that was also recently introduced as a new official partner.

With the upcoming release of World Update V, rumours about an imminent release of Flight Simulator for XBOX, or the release of important milestone new add-ons like PMDG’s DC-6, this is shaping up to be a great month for MSFS!