//42 releases 42CM Cedar Mountain, a new backcountry strip in Utah

//42 continues its prolific run of new releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Just two weeks since the Halloween-themed 42CL Camp Crystal Lake, the studio is now out with a new backcountry strip in Utah, 42CM Cedar Mountain. It’s not too far from the previously-released 42MX Mexican Mountain!

//42 has been making very immersive sceneries for a while, and this new one should be no exception. Sitting at an elevated point in Cedar Mountain, 42CM is longer than the usual STOL strip, with a gravel runway about 2,000 ft long. At more than 7,500 feet high and with a 1,500 ft drop at the south end of the runway, Cedar Mountain demands careful planning and precise execution from pilots who venture into these premises.

Cedar Mountain can accommodate larger aircraft than the typical STOL aircraft used by adventuring pilots in the region. Coupled with plenty of space to play around with //42’s Campout, simmers should have plenty of cool opportunities to experience this remote location with a variety of aircraft!

Parallel 42 42CM Cedar Mountain MSFS 5

Parallel 42 42CM Cedar Mountain MSFS 4

Parallel 42 42CM Cedar Mountain MSFS 3

Parallel 42 42CM Cedar Mountain MSFS 2

42CM Cedar Mountain is available now through Orbx, priced at just around $8.00. A release on the Marketplace is expected soon for both PC and Xbox users.


  • Runway: ~2000 feet long x 40 feet wide, well-maintained gravel and dirt.
    Approach Considerations: Recommend inspection pass. Land slightly uphill to the South, wind permitting. The southern end of the runway ends with a terrifying 1,500 feet vertical drop.
  • Amenities: Campgrounds with great views.
  • Windsock: Yes
  • Parking: Plenty
  • Services: no restrooms, no water, no weather info, no lights, no cell phone service, and no fuel.
  • Visually enhanced cliff faces in proximity to the airstrip
  • Multiple runway objects and hazards contain collision boxes.
  • Challenging high altitude approach onto sloped & narrow dirt runway.
  • Custom vegetation assets.
  • Custom 3D library of on-ground assets
  • Custom stone fire rings sized specifically for //42 Campout Utility campfires.
  • Custom terraforming for a better representation of dangerous terrain.
  • Other mini-camps in the region, scout for them!
  • Custom night lighting in the camp area.
  • Custom Soundscape includes a fire pit and flying drone
  • Fully animated drone mini-scene.
  • Fully animated and night-lit UTV Track mini-scene in the area.
  • Heatblur effects on fire pits
  • Perfectly located for MOAB/Utah Backcountry bush trip adventures.
  • Please don’t leave food out; a bear was reported in the area.
  • Pineapple on pizza is not permitted on-site