DominicDesignTeam releases El Paso International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

DominicDesignTeam has released their latest airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team continues dedicated to creating American airports for MSFS (Philadelphia and Pensacola were the previous ones) and is now inviting simmers to explore the US-Mexico border from El Paso International Airport (EPIA).

Located just four miles northeast of downtown El Paso, in West Texas, EPIA is a significant hub for the region. Known in Spanish as Aeropuerto Internacional de El Paso, it stands as the busiest commercial airport in West Texas, Southern New Mexico, and Northern Mexico. In 2022 alone, EPIA served 3,667,439 passengers and oversaw 83,438 cargo operations, highlighting its pivotal role in the region’s aviation landscape.

DominicDesignTeam has shown increasing levels of polish with each new release and their rendition of El Paso Airport seems to capture the essence and intricacies of the real-world airport. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • PBR Textures
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Real Ground Markings
  • Custom, painstakingly hand-crafted pavement, showcasing all imperfections including dirt
  • Custom jetway
  • Custom animation object, passenger animation , train airport animation …
  • ADD AI Aircraft parking code

El Paso Airport’s appeal extends beyond just its runways and terminals. Nestled near the U.S.-Mexico border, EPIA offers a unique geographical challenge. Its proximity to the Franklin Mountains means that pilots must navigate the complexities of mountainous terrain during their approaches and departures, providing a thrilling experience for virtual aviators who crave challenging landings and takeoffs.

El Paso Airport MSFS 4

El Paso Airport MSFS 3

El Paso Airport MSFS 2

El Paso Airport MSFS 1

El Paso Airport MSFS 5

Moreover, EPIA’s status as the busiest commercial airport in West Texas, Southern New Mexico, and Northern Mexico ensures a bustling virtual environment. Simmers can expect a dynamic mix of commercial, cargo, and general aviation traffic, demanding keen attention to air traffic control and situational awareness. The blend of American and Mexican cultures in the region also adds a layer of cultural richness to the overall ambiance.

This combination of operational intricacy and geographical challenges may be enough to grab your interest in getting this new bespoke airport for MSFS. If that’s the case, head over to simMarket and grab your copy of this airport, now available for just around $20.